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Why Choose Us


Years of experience in IT Solutions & Business

The business world is changing at a frenetic pace and with unpredictable situations organizations are scrambling to transform their business processes into highly responsive, adaptable and scale able systems. At KVR Technologies, we make sure that by delivering outstanding, future-ready IT infrastructure services, we create a significant long-lasting business proposition for our customers.

Founded by Kumar Vivek Ranjan in 2019, the mission of KVR Technologies has always been to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the latest in technology, optimized and tailor made for customer need. In the past 4 years, we have developed a keen eye on technology trends, an enviable product & services portfolio and an extremely agile tech team. Today, KVR has created a niche for itself as a leader in IT Infrastructure Service and IT Assets Life cycle management, as well as for being a value-added distributor for the major IT brands in the market.

We provide domain expertise in end-point computing, servers, storage, active & passive network, cloud offerings, power conditioning, mobility and asset disposal. Our focus on building a robust IT muscle has helped over 150+ Corporate clients achieve. By listening closely to our customers, anticipating their needs and offering innovative insights, we help our clients stay competitive and relevant.

Our Mission

Our Goals is to edify our client tree and rise as Phoenix with perpetual technology and to be ahead of others where future for world will be present for us.

Our Vision

The widespread growth, to be among the top 50 IT infrastructure solution providers in India and digitization is our only vision we wish to achieve over the coming 10 years and more.